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Close on your loan and with the buyer with transactional funding in Texas!

Transactional Funding Now Available

Close the loan in your name with the bank or seller and close with your buyer on the same day. 2% fee with a $1,500 minimum

Loan Details

  • 375.00 doc prep fee
  • Fee will be reduced to 1%* if Jet Lending does the hard money loan for your buyer.
  • In most cases, there is no appraisal, survey, or any other fees.

We Don’t Do

  • Loan Committees
  • Red Tape
Call (281) 872-7800 for more information. *$1,500 minimum may still apply.
Let Jet Lending, LLC help you fund your real estate transactions by calling (281) 872-7800 or submitting an application to get pre-qualified at no cost to you.

Jet Lending, LLC

  • 1419 FM 1960 East
  • Houston, TX 77073
  • Office: (281) 872-7800
  • Fax: (281) 872-4623